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How we prioritise applications

This page details how we prioritise housing applications based on a customer's unique circumstances.

Applications will be assessed by date of application through the priority assessment matrix below.  This means if you have evidence that you fall into one of the categories below we can enhance your application date by between six months and two years. 

Six months added

6 months added

  • If you have local connections (L19, L24 and L25) where our homes are located.
  • If you have previously managed a tenancy well.
One year added

One year added

  • If your current housing conditions are unsatisfactory.
  • If you are experiencing welfare or hardship issues.
  • If your current home is overcrowded.
  • If you have experienced a relationship breakdown.
  • If you are in low paid work, voluntary work, higher education or employment-related training close to where our homes are located.
  • If your medical needs require you to move. 
  • If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour.
Two years added

Two Years Added

  • If you have statutory homeless status
  • If you have homeless prevention status
  • When your home is underoccupied.
  • When your home is seriously overcrowded (in two or more bedrooms)
  • Your home is in an area subject to regeneration works meaning you have to move.
  • If your safety is threatened by serious anti-social behaviour, serious domestic abuse or hate crime.
  • If you are an armed forces leaver.

Allocations: Your rights

If an applicant considers there has been unlawful discrimination or an infringement of human rights by SLH when making the decision to allocate a home, the applicant has the right to seek assistance from the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Applicants unhappy with the handling of their application, the type of tenancy offered, or the rent charged for their new home can use SLH’s Customer Feedback Policy to express their dissatisfaction and appeal the decision.

Those that are suspended from, or given reduced preference status, to the housing register will also be able to appeal these decisions through the Customer Feedback Policy.

If an applicant remains unhappy with the decision made in relation to their application they have the right to pursue a judicial review.

Read our full allocations policy here

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