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Scrutiny Panel

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Get behind the scenes at SLH and have your say 

What is scrutiny panel?

Our scrutiny panel is a group of tenants that meets to review and evaluate areas of service of SLH.

The panel investigates areas of service performance against agreed organisational and national standards and makes evidence-based recommendations for ongoing service improvement that are reviewed by our executive leadership team and our Board.

What is the role?

The main responsibility of the panel is to conduct a programme of service reviews, which is based on performance against key performance indicators, customer feedback and satisfaction surveys, to help identify areas for improvement or good practices that can be embedded across SLH.

The panel meets formally on a quarterly basis, with additional meetings held between the formal meetings to complete service reviews. Members are expected to attend a minimum 75% of the scheduled meetings.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for SLH tenants and/or their families - this includes partners, spouses or family members of SLH tenants who live in an SLH home and are over 16 years of age, to become a member of our scrutiny panel.

In order to make recommendations that are in the best interests of our whole community, we are committed to ensuring that our scrutiny panel represents the diversity that exists in our communities, and are keen to learn from the diverse perspectives of tenants and residents of all ages and from different backgrounds.

How to get involved

To apply to join the panel please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

If you would like more information or discuss becoming a scrutiny panel member, please contact corporategovernance@southliverpoolhomes.co.uk.

Relevant training will be provided, and scrutiny panel members will receive a £50 Love2Shop voucher for each meeting they attend.

How scrutiny panel fits into our governance structure

Our scrutiny panel, customer services committee and board are linked. Scrutiny panel reports to the Customer Services Committee, which in turn reports to the SLH Board. The Customer Service Committee, which is also made up of SLH tenants alongside Board members, reviews key performance reports and from those reports, suggests the work programme for scrutiny panel.

Scrutiny panel and The Customer Service Committee are both critical forums for customer voices to be heard at an executive and Board level, to ensure SLH continuously improves the services offered to our tenants.


News from scrutiny panel, more about our board and committees and other ways to get involved.

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Apply to join scrutiny panel

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