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Apply for medical priority

Before you start

Information for people seeking medical priority

Who can apply for medical priority?

Anyone who has a physical or a mental health condition can apply for medical priority. Priority will not be awarded for the medical condition alone, we will only award priority to those at risk in their current home where re-housing will significantly relieve or improve their condition. Social problems, such as difficulties with neighbours or dislike of the area cannot be considered to be medical problems.

Do I need to get a letter from my doctor or hospital?

Yes. Supporting evidence of your condition or illness will be required in order to apply for any medical priority award.

How will you assess my medical priority?

You need to fill in this assessment form to help us make a decision. You need to provide us with full details and evidence of your medical condition. We may review what further support you need to live in your home through our Ability to Cope assessment, or refer you to an independent medical assessor. We will make a decision about your priority as soon as possible after receiving your completed health assessment form. If you need help completing this form please contact us on 0151 285 5630.

How do you decide on priority?

We will only award priority if there is a connection between your medical condition and your current housing circumstances. We will look at whether your housing affects your wellbeing, lifestyle and managing daily living activities. We award priority two medical awards – high medical and medical. This is based on the level of risk to you in your current home.

What will the assessment include?

Before we make a decision on your priority we will take into account other ways in which we could improve your current living conditions. We will also give you information on the housing options available to you and the type of property that you need.

How will this affect my application?

If you qualify for priority, we will award this from the date you asked us to consider your medical condition.

What should I do if my circumstances change?

You should let us know asap so we can help you determine whether you may be eligible for a medical award.

What can I do if I am unhappy with the decision you have made?

You can appeal against our decision. Contact us for more information.

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