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Focus groups and more

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Have a little more time to spare?

We have range of other ways to speak up about issues that affect you and your home. Join a focus or project group to drill into a particular issue, take part in one of our policy reviews or become an SLH mystery shopper!

Focus groups

Focus groups bring together a group of customers to discuss and provide feedback on various aspects of their housing experience (e.g. maintenance, services, policies, community issues).

These groups serve as a platform for customers to voice their concerns and suggestions, helping us make informed decisions and improve our services. Customers who attend these focus groups get Love2Shop vouchers as a thank you for their time.

Project groups

Project groups allow customers to work together with us on specific initiatives or projects from beginning to end – having control over everything on the project from start to finish.

Project groups empower customers to take ownership of their living environment and contribute to its improvement – tenants can come together to voice their concerns, share ideas and work together to come up with shared goals and make recommendations that will benefit themselves and their community.

Policy reviews

Customers play a valuable role in reviewing our policies by providing input, feedback and perspectives based on their firsthand experiences and needs.

This can be done in a number of ways, including surveys, focus groups or consultations. By involving customers in policy reviews, we ensure that our policies are informed by the perspectives and needs of those directly affected by them. This gives tenants a sense of ownership and empowerment.

Mystery shopping

Customers can engage in mystery shopping by anonymously evaluating various aspects of our services and interactions thought the perspective of a tenant or a potential tenant.

This will help SLH identify our strengths and weaknesses, improve tenant satisfaction and enhance our services.

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Look out for opportunities to have your say here on our website, on social media or email myvoice@southliverpoolhomes.co.uk.

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