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Rent Arrears

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Struggling to pay your rent?

If you're struggling to pay your rent, please don't ignore it. Our Income Team is here to help.

SLH will contact you quickly and frequently when you owe us money. When we write to you we will use a traffic light system to show you where your account is up to.

Green – this means that your account is in the early stages of arrears so if you clear your account or make an agreement to repay the debt, you will limit the arrears and increase the chances of keeping your home.

Amber – this means your arrears are increasing and the first stage of legal action will begin.

Red – you are at serious risk of losing your home because SLH is taking court action against you, you will be charged the cost of SLH applying to court.

We're here to help you manage your debt

Our Income Team is there to remind you of your obligation to pay your weekly rent and to ensure no arrears accrue unnecessarily on your account due to non-payment. Where this happens, the team will be on hand to offer necessary support and advice to get your account back on track. However, if your rent payments are not maintained or you fail to engage with us, we will be forced to take further action against you, which can put your home at risk. You may also incur additional costs (e.g. court costs). 

The Income Team can help you to maximize your income by ensuring that you are receiving the benefits you're entitled to. The team works alongside our in-house Benefits Advice Team, who can offer you more in-depth advice and help.

The team also work closely with our Affordable Living Team who can help you cut your utility bills and make your home more efficient.

Struggling to pay your rent?

If you are struggling to pay your rent, don’t ignore us. Please get in touch using the form below with our Income Team as early action can prevent matters from escalating.

Nominate an advocate to manage your rent account

You can nominate a trusted person to deal with your rent account if you’re struggling to manage it yourself, due to poor mental health or other additional needs.

If you’re struggling to manage your account, contact us to complete a consent form, which will give someone else the authority to act on your behalf.

Alternatively you can download and complete the consent form here

Short grace period for customers struggling to manage their rent due to poor mental health

Tenants who are experiencing poor mental and struggling to manage their rent can apply for a short break, or grace period, giving them extra time to settle their arrears whilst they work with our support services such as tenancy support, health and wellbeing, and benefits advice.

Contact your income officer on 0330 303 3000 to discuss if you are eligible to apply.

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