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We’re here to offer financial support during the coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus has affected our lives in many ways this year and as the nation experiences a second lockdown with Christmas approaching, many households are beginning to feel the impact on their budgets. But we want you to know that you’re not alone if you’re struggling. If your household finances or employment have been affected, please get in touch with us. Whatever your circumstances, we have dedicated services and teams on hand to help.

Maybe you or a member of your household has been made redundant or you’re adapting to reduced hours and lower income. Perhaps you need to claim Universal Credit for the first time, or you’re confused by changes to the benefits process. Our aim is to bridge the gap and help you to overcome any barriers you may face and understand what support is available to you.

Financial help – what you need to know

Talk to your income officer

Talk to your income officer

We understand that it’s a worrying time, with lots of uncertainty, and many of you may be worried about how to pay your rent and household bills. If you are struggling with rent and bills, we urge you to get in touch with us at the first opportunity.

We know it can be difficult to start the conversation about missed rent payments, or talking about your financial situation, but it’s so important that you speak to us about what’s going on.

The team is made up of seven income officers, each covering different neighbourhoods across South Liverpool. To find out which officer covers your neighbourhood click here or give us a call on 0330 303 3000 and choose option 2 to talk about your options. They are the experts in their field and can provide advice on managing your rent payments.

Talk to our benefits advice team

Talk to our benefits advice team

Our dedicated, in-house benefits advice team can help if you have been made redundant for the first time and you need to apply for Universal Credit. You can chat to the team over the phone about how the claims process works and the next steps; they will make it a far less daunting process for you.

If you want to understand more about Universal Credit payments, we also have a step-by-step guide on how to submit a claim, how you receive the payments and what the payments cover, on our dedicated website here.

Talk to our energy advice team

Reducing your household bills

As we edge closer to Christmas and the winter months, please don't suffer in silence if you need advice about your gas and energy bills. We have a separate team who cover a whole range of energy-saving subjects.

Our energy advice team provide one-to-one support and can help you to understand your energy bills and answer any questions about prepay meters. If you want to switch to a cheaper provider, but you’re not sure where to begin, they can help with this too. Speak to the team by calling 0330 303 3000 and choose option 4 or find out more about the team here.

Talk to us about employment support

Employment advice

We know it is an uncertain time and searching for jobs is difficult but Reach, our employability service is on hand to provide support and guidance.

If you need to develop your skills, knowledge or confidence, we have a community of over 30 training and advice providers who deliver one-to-one and group training to local people. Call Reach on 0151 285 5680 or visit the Reach website to keep up to date with the latest training opportunities available.

Please don’t deal with your problems alone and take advantage of the support we can offer you. Give us a call to speak to our teams directly and discuss the help that’s on offer.

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