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Paying your rent during the coronavirus outbreak

There are a number of ways you can pay your rent from home, if you have to self-isolate or if you are uncomfortable visiting public places. Our office is currently closed and the easiest ways to pay your rent are as follows.

Direct Debit 

Direct Debit is a hassle-free way of paying your rent direct from your bank account and our preferred option for receiving your payments. You must make sure that you have enough money in your account to cover the payments when we collect them. If your payments are returned not only will it put you into arrears we will also remove the option of paying by direct debit. Get in touch using the form below to set up a Direct Debit.


Sign up now for MySLH and you can access your rent account, repair history and update personal details as well as pay your rent. If you are a new user you will need a valid email address and your tenancy number which can be found on your rent statement or contact us if you would like more information about this.

Allpay app

Download the free Allpay app and pay your rent using your rent using your smartphone. The app securely stores your payment reference numbers, bank details and payment amounts, allowing you to pay anytime, anywhere.

Allpay on App Store

Allpay on Google Play

Automated payment line

To make a payment on our automated payment line, call us on 0330 303 3000, select option 2 and follow the instructions. If you ring out of office hours, it's option 1. To make a telephone payment you will need your rent payment card and debit card or credit card.


Rent arrears sadly occur when you miss a rent payment or incur several missed rent payments.

It is really important that you pay your rent in full and on time. This is a condition of your tenancy agreement. However, if you are struggling to pay your rent, you can talk to us directly. There are lots of ways we can support you so please don’t suffer in silence.

If you have missed a rent payment, the money you owe is called rent arrears. Below are some frequently asked questions about paying your rent and rent arrears.


Q. I’m in arrears with my rent payments and I’m not sure what to do?   

Get in touch with us straight away so that we can discuss how you can pay off your arrears. We understand it’s a difficult time for everyone, so please contact us on 0330 303 3000 and choose option 2 to discuss your options and the different ways of paying your rent.

Q. How can I pay my rent? 

We offer lots of different ways to pay your rent and these can be found above.

Q. I'm used to paying my rent in the office. What are the different ways I can pay by cash?  

Our office is closed due to the coronavirus pandemic which means you can no longer pay via our payment machine. However, there are other ways to pay your rent by cash if that is your only option. You can use your rent payment card and make a cash payment at any Post Office, Paypoint, or Payzone outlet.  

Locate your nearest Paypoint or Payzone outlet below (information correct, taken from Paypoint and Payzone websites, as of August 2020): 



  • Colin Sykes Supermarket, 83 South Parade, L24 2SF 
  • Namcollis Mart, 117 Alder Wood Ave, L24 7RB 
  • Western Convenience Store, 188 Western Ave, L24 3UT 
  • Best One, 171 Eastern Ave, L24 2SZ 
  • The Kiosk, Woodend Avenue, L24 9NB 
  • Shell Garage, Speke Boulevard, L24 1UX 


  • Garston Supermarket, 180-184 Garston Old Road, L19 1QL 
  • RMS News and Wine, 96 St Marys Road, L19 2JG 
  • Garston Food and Wine, 39 St Marys Road, L19 2NJ 
  • Garston Convenience Store, 80-82 St Marys Road, L19 2JG 
  • ST Mini Mart, 45 Speke Road, L19 2NY 
  • Best One Wine Cellar, 75 Woolton Road, L19 5ND 
  • RMS News and Wine, 81 Woolton Road, L19 5ND 


  • Daily News, 132 Hunts Cross Avenue, L25 8SQ 
  • Merrivale News, 3 Merrivale Road, L25 5NA 



  • Western Convenience Store, 188 Western Avenue, L24 3UT 
  • Best One, 171 Eastern Avenue, L24 2SZ 
  • Namcollis Mart, 117 Alder Wood Ave, L24 7RB 
  • Speke Town Lane Convenience Store, 1a Speke Town Lane, L24 3ST 
  • City End News, Speke Boulevard, L24 9HZ 


  • News & Snacks, 57 Speke Road, L19 2NZ 
  • PRM Retail, 6 Banks Lane, L19 8JL 
  • PRM News & Wine, 73-77 Window Lane, L19 8EJ 
  • Holly’s Mini Mart, 45 Speke Road, L19 2NY 


  • Jules News, 273 Hunts Cross Avenue, L25 9ND 
  • Merrivale News, 3 Merrivale Road, L25 5NA 

Alternatively, why not consider switching to Direct Debit? This is the one of the best ways to pay as it ensures your payments are maintained and it helps to keep your rent account up to date. Get in touch with us to set this up. 

Q. Who at SLH should I talk to about paying my rent?  

Our income team can help you prioritise your weekly rent and ensure no arrears build up unnecessarily on your account due to non-payment. Where this happens, the team will be on hand to offer necessary support and advice to get your account back on track. 

If your rent account is in arrears, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your account is up to date with a repayment plan in place. 

 Q. What happens if I don’t repay my rent arrears debt?  

If you have outstanding rent payments on your account, we may have to take action to recover the unpaid rent that is due. To prevent this, please get in touch and update us on your circumstances, so we can offer advice and support.  

From the 20 September 2020, the Government’s ban on social housing evictions will be lifted and eviction hearings will resume in court. Please get in touch with us about your arrears if you haven’t already done so. Otherwise your home could be at risk. 

Q. I’ve received a letter from you to tell me I’m behind on my rent payments. What should I do? 

Please get in touch with us straight away so that we can discuss your account and offer you the support you need. If you are unable to pay off your arrears in full, we can agree a suitable payment plan with you to clear the balance in a reasonable timescale.

If you don’t feel the information in the letter is correct, please get in touch with us.

Q. I receive Universal Credit and struggle to pay my rent this way? Can you help?  

If you are two months behind on your rent and you receive universal credit we will automatically apply to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to have your housing cost paid direct to us. This is called an Alternative Payment Arrangement (APA). We will also apply to the DWP to take direct payments from your universal credit standard allowance at 20% until all arrears have been repaid.

However, please get in touch with us as soon as you start falling behind on your rent so that we can work with you to discuss your arrears and arrange an affordable repayment plan before this action becomes necessary.

Q. Can I move to a new home if I have existing rent arrears?  

Any debts you have on a previous or existing tenancy could prevent you from moving to another SLH home or doing a mutual exchange.

Q. I’m really struggling with all my bills at the moment. Can you help?   

Our priority is to support tenants to stay in their homes and manage their tenancies well, this means helping to stop you falling into arrears. It is important that you make your rent a priority as keeping on top of your rent gives security for you and your family. We have a dedicated benefits and energy advice team working alongside the income team who are trained to ensure you have maximised your benefits.

They can also help you make the most of your money in your home by providing energy advice. Please take advantage of this by calling us on 0330 303 3000 and pressing option 2. 

Or if you need employment advice and support, our Reach employability scheme can help. We work with a range of partners and local businesses to help you get the training and advice you need.

We’re here to help you.  Please don’t ignore any arrears on your account as this can sometimes spiral out of control. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to prevent this happening.

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