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Looking after your home

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Looking after your home

This page contains information about which repairs you can do yourself, which you need to ask permission for and chargeable repairs in the event of your home being neglected or deliberately damaged.

What repairs do I need to pay for?

Most people take pride in their homes, however there are a few who damage things deliberately or neglect their homes. It’s not fair for other tenants to pick up the bill for this, so people who cause damage are responsible for paying for the repairs.

These are called ‘Chargeable Repairs’ and includes anything that has been damaged through misuse, neglect or accidental damage such as smashed windows/doors or lost keys.

Your tenancy agreement lets you know in more detail which repairs you are responsible for and which ones you have to pay for.

Tenant Alterations

Tenants may often wish to make improvements to their homes. In these cases you must contact us with details of the improvement before making any changes.

We will consider your plans and write to you to give consent to go ahead with any work. This is to protect the integrity and safety of your home and to protect you as a tenant.

SLH will not be responsible for the repair and maintenance of any alteration or improvement made by yourself. We will pre and post-inspect all completed works and reserve the right to carry out any remedial works as necessary if we believe the work has not been carried out properly, endangers health and safety or does not comply with our consent. Any remedial works will be recharged to the tenant.

If you are in any doubt about repairs or alterations to your home please read your tenancy agreement or get in touch using the form below. 

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