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All about your repairs service

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to use our repairs service.

That is why we have simple, flexible and convenient repair service with a number of different ways you can report a repair and a range of appointment times that are convenient to you.

Flexible appointment times

  • When you report a non-emergency repair to us, we can offer you an appointment time to suit your needs.
  • Our routine repairs service operates from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and from 8am to 1pm on Saturdays. We offer emergency-only repairs from 5pm to 8am the following day.

Booking your repair

We welcome as much detail as possible about the repair as this helps us to allocate the right amount of time to complete the works as well as making sure we send the right person out to do the job.

Once your appointment has been booked, we will remind you of your appointment by text message, letter or telephone if your appointment is classed as routine. In the case of an emergency repair, we will attend within a 2-hour period so no reminder is necessary.

When will your repair be done?

We understand that repairs are important to you, but we need to deal with them in order of priority. For instance if the work needs doing because it affects your safety or health, then we need to do these works first. When you report a repair, we will decide if it is an emergency or routine repair.

Emergency Repair

If your repair is classed as an emergency we will arrange for one of our contractors to attend call you within 15 minutes, attend no later than 2 hours and complete the repair or make safe within 24 hours. These are repairs to remove immediate danger to people or avoid major damage to your home. An emergency repair could be no power or water in your home, a leak coming through the ceiling or a blocked toilet if you only have one toilet.

Further examples of problems classed as an emergency include:

  • If you smell gas. Contact Cadent immediately on 0800 111 999.
  • Locked out of your home.
  • Unable to secure your front or rear door.
  • Ceiling is unsafe, bowed and you suspect it may collapse.
  • Smashed double-glazed units.
  • Loss of electrical power to property (please check display screen and credit on meter before contacting us).
  • Uncontrollable water leak.
  • Loss of heating/hot water to whole home.
  • Any blockages to toilet or drains.

Routine Repairs

If your repair is classed as routine, we will arrange a mutually convenient time for to complete the work. Routine repairs might be remedial work following on from an emergency repair or other work not classed as an emergency or a hazard. Examples of routine repairs might be a partial loss of heating, a non flushing toilet when there is another in the house or a broken or unstable fence. 

Our target is to complete routine repairs within 28 days. 

Who carries out the repairs to your home?

Depending on the type of job, repairs will be carried out by one of following:

  • Avela Home Service (general building repairs, electrics, plumbing, heating and hot water): Avela Home Service is a joint venture between SLH and Penny Lane Builders.
  • Grosvenor Aptec (communal door entry systems)
  • Liftcare (stair lifts and hoists)

All operatives wear identity badges so you will know who they are when they visit your home. You should always ask to see this badge before letting anyone into your home. Operatives will wear shoe covers and clean up after themselves. If a vacuum is required, they will arrange for a cleaner to attend to complete the job. 

If you have any doubt about the identity of a contractor, please get in touch using the form below

Meeting your needs

When we carry out a repair to your home, we want to know if you have any special requirements that would make the process easier for you. Let us know at the time of booking your repair if you need longer to answer the door or if you would prefer a female operative to undertake the work. Or you may have other special requirements that you need to make us aware of.

There always has to be a person age 18 or over in your home for the repair to be carried out. If this isn’t the case when the operative enters your home, they won’t be able to carry out the repair and a new appointment will have to be made.

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