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Tenancy Fraud

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About tenancy fraud

Tenancy fraud happens when someone is living in an SLH home but they are not entitled to it. There are many different types of tenancy fraud. Here are some of the most common ones.

Supplying false information

Supplying false information includes:

  • Not telling SLH that they are already renting or own another home
  • Giving false information about people who live with them
  • Making false statements or claiming to be homeless so that they can move up the housing list quicker
  • Claiming to be someone else through forged passports

Unlawful sub-letting

This is when someone moves out of their home and rents it out to another tenant, often charging the person higher rent than they are paying. Whilst you can apply to us for permission to take in a lodger, you need to be living in the home too.  It is a breach of your tenancy to take in a lodger without consent from SLH first.

Wrongly-claimed succession

There are rules about what happens if someone dies or moves away.  A friend or relative cannot just carrying on living in the home if they are not the legal tenant, without informing us.  Nor can someone move into the home once a friend or relative has died or moved out.

Why is it important to tackle tenancy fraud?

It is against the law to falsely gain a home or make profit from a home that could be given to someone who might really need it and is legally entitled to it.  Demand for social housing in increasing and there is not enough social housing for those who generally need it.

How do we check for tenancy fraud?

We do regular checks and visits to ensure people are abiding by their tenancy and will take action against anyone who is living in one of our homes but does not has not right to be there. 

We thoroughly check information submitted on your application form and take photographs of all new tenants who are offered a home with us.

What happens if you commit tenancy fraud?

It is not acceptable for someone to live in a home if they are not entitled to it.  If you commit tenancy fraud you are likely to lose your home and could lose your right to social housing in the future.

How to report tenancy fraud

If you believe somebody is committing tenancy fraud, please please get in touch using the form below or give us a call on 0330 303 3000.  This could make a real difference to someone in need of a home. If you prefer, you can do this anonymously.

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