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Moving Out

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Thinking about moving out?

Here's what you need to do before you leave your home.

You must give us four weeks written notice that you are leaving – the last day should be a Sunday. If you do not give us this notice, you will still be charged four weeks rent after you have handed the keys in. If you are a joint tenant, only one tenant needs to give notice to end the tenancy. Once you give us notice, we’ll come out to visit you. We also have our Tenancy Support Service who are on hand to answer any questions you may have. 

If you need to dispose of any bulky items Liverpool City Council offer a free collection service called Bulky Bobs. Call 0151 233 3001 or visit the Liverpool City Council website to request a collection.

It is important that you clear your rent account before you move out. If you are unable to do this, you need to speak to us to make an agreement to repay the debt. If you don’t do this, we will pass your debt over to a debt collection agency which will pursue the money you owe us.

We also ask that you provide a forwarding address and next of kin details. 

If you do leave owing us any rent or other charges you may find it difficult to find another home to rent. Your application for another SLH home will not be considered if you don’t clear your debts or set up a payment agreement.

You need to contact us within the four week notice period. We will then make a decision whether or not we are able to withdraw your notice. Please note, you may have to sign a new tenancy agreement too.

Why are you moving and what can SLH do to help you stay in your home? There may be a number of reasons why you are choosing to move but it’s always worthwhile speaking to your neighbourhood officer to see what they can do to help if you want to stay in your home.

If you don't leave your home in an acceptable condition you will be charged the cost we incur for doing this. 

Please contact your neighbourhood officer and they will be able advise you on where and how to get help to clear your home.

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