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Knowing our customers

Find out about our home visits and how they can benefit you.

Getting to know our customers and understanding your needs is really important to us. In the first 12 months of a tenant moving into one of our homes, we visit you regularly to ensure that you are settling in and to offer advice and support.

After the first year, we don’t visit tenants regularly, apart from carrying out repairs, improvements to your home and safety checks, unless there are issues or concerns that need addressing. This means that some tenants might not get a visit from us for a long time which could lead to you missing out on crucial support, or repairs to your home going unidentified.

So, we are making it our aim to visit all our tenants at least once every 18 months. This is an opportunity for you to talk to us about any issues you may be having with your home or area where you live. It will also give you the chance to talk to us about any help or advice that you need. This could be about your tenancy, financial difficulties, anti-social behaviour or extra support to help you manage your home.

During the visit we will check with you to see if any repairs need doing and we’ll ask you a few questions around contact details and if your home meets your current needs. If you feel you would benefit from one if these visits soon, please get in touch with us on 0330 303 3000 or email info@southliverpoolhomes.co.uk and we will arrange a visit over the next month.

All our colleagues will wear SLH identification badges so you can be sure who you are talking to. Please don’t hesitate to ask for their ID before you let them into your home.

We will get in touch with you before we visit, so look out for that email, letter, text message or phone call. 

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