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What are communal areas and services?

If you live in a block of flats, there are areas you will share with other tenants such as the internal hallways, staircases, landings and front and rear outside areas. These are called communal areas.

Keeping the communal areas of your block clean and tidy is the joint responsibility of South Liverpool Homes and tenants living in the apartments. There is information on the communal noticeboards which gives you a record of when we have cleaned the indoor communal areas and maintained the shared gardens.


Here's a guide to our responsibilities inside and outside your home and what we expect from you as a tenant.

Our responsibilities - outside

Outdoor areas: Our responsibilities 

Grass cutting 

We cut all grass areas, front and back, once a month during the growing season of March to October. The areas will be left with a neat and tidy appearance and all litter and debris will be collected and removed prior to cutting. Cut grass will not be collected; it will be left down and used as a natural fertiliser.   

Paths and walkways will be cleared of all grass cuttings following mowing. 

Grass edges 

Any growth around the edges of the grass is controlled using brush cutters. The ground will be checked for any debris before work commences. 

Hedge maintenance 

We trim hedges from March to October, using the appropriate tools to provide a clean and even cut. We follow the contour of the hedge and remove all trimmings once we have completed the works. 

Pruning shrubs 

Pruning of shrubs is important to keep them healthy and long lasting. We will lightly shape shrubs and remove any dead and diseased wood. Shaping is carried out in late spring, whilst pruning is carried out when required. 

Weed spraying 

We will spray and control weeds on all communal paths and hard standing once a month, weather permitting.  

Leaf removal 

Leaves will be removed once a month from all communal gardens and paths during November to February. 

Our responsibilities - inside

Indoor areas: Our responsibilities


Sweep and wash all floors, including stairs, landing and communal entrance every month 


Clean walls and skirting boards every month 


Clean internal and external windows in the communal areas every three months. This does not include the external windows of individual flats. 


Report any repairs that need doing in the communal areas and carry out a communal block inspection each month. 

Tenant responsibilities

What we ask of you


Keep internal communal areas completely clear and report any concerns to us. This includes any personal items such as furniture, plants, mobility scooters, pictures, pushchairs, doormats, bicycles, play equipment, rubbish and shoes. Any obstructions are a fire hazard. 


Keep outdoor areas tidy and free from rubbish. Nothing should be stored in the communal gardens, this includes play equipment. Dog fouling must be removed by the owner immediately, bagged securely, and placed in the communal bin. Any fly tipping and dog fouling will be reported to the relevant Neighbourhood Management Officer for investigation.

Bins and recycling

Put your wheelie bins out on the day they are to be collected and put them back in the allotted area once they have been emptied.  

Use the correct recycling bin for the right type of rubbish. If you have a blue recycling bin, please don’t put household waste in it; this will contaminate the bin and it will not be emptied. 

Help us help you

Sticking to the above will allow us to clean your communal areas to a high standard as well as keeping yourself and visitors safe.

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