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Kitchen improvements

SLH is committed to ensuring that all our homes are maintained to a high standard. We do this by carrying out minor repairs when something breaks or replacing the whole kitchen on a planned programme when the kitchen has reached its usable life. This webpage gives you information about our kitchen replacement programme and when you can expect an assessment.

When will I get a new kitchen?

Kitchens are a focal point for any home, thatā€™s why we install high-quality units and worktops which stand the test of time. On average a kitchen will last around 20 years so we programme an assessment after this time to see if it needs a replacement. So if you had a new kitchen installed 12 years ago, it will be eight years before we assess it again.

Why is my neighbour getting a new kitchen but Iā€™m not?

Kitchens are not replaced on a street-by-street basis;Ā they are assessed on the length of time you have had your kitchen. It is likely that your neighbour will have had their kitchen installed at a different time than yours, so their renewal date will differ.

Will you maintain my kitchen once itā€™s installed?

As with all aspects of your home, we will maintain your kitchen through our responsive repairs service. This service will carry out minor repairs when things break or stop working as they should. Repairs and maintenance of kitchens will be carried out with value for money in mind and any decision to repair elements of a kitchen will be made on an individual basis.

Although most tenants do look after their home,Ā unfortunately, there are a small number who neglectĀ it and we feel it would be unfair to spend money onĀ replacements when this is the case.

A kitchen will not automatically be replaced if it is inĀ a bad condition. Through our approach to ChargeableĀ Repairs, we will charge tenants the cost of the repairĀ to the kitchen when it has been deliberately damagedĀ or mistreated.

Will you replace my kitchen before the end of its 20-year life cycle?

It is only in very extreme circumstances that weĀ will replace a kitchen before the end of its life cycle;Ā generally, this is due to severe wear and tear andĀ therefore replacing the kitchen offers better valueĀ than repairing it.

What kind of repairs will you carry out to my kitchen?

Some examples of repairs to kitchens which we will carry out are:

  • Hinge repairs to doors if they are faulty
  • Replacement of ā€˜best matchā€™ unit door handles if they are faulty
  • Repairing of coatings to unit doors and worktops if they are not adequate

If I need a replacement drawer or door, will it beĀ exactly the same colour as my current kitchen?

We canā€™t guarantee that it will be exactly the same,Ā this will depend on the type of kitchen you have andĀ whether the supplier has this in stock. If we canā€™t supplyĀ the exact match, we will ensure it is the closest colourĀ and style possible.

How can I find out when my new kitchen is getting done?

In spring, we will send a letter out to all tenants whoseĀ kitchen is at the end of its 20-year life cycle and isĀ due an assessment that year.Ā After the assessment has been carried out you will be advised that your property has been added to the annual programme for a kitchen replacement.Ā  The programme will run from April to March and you will receive four weeks' notice that the work will be due to commence.Ā  A tenant liaison officer will make contact to discuss the layout and colour choices available.

How can I look after my kitchen?

We expect your kitchen to last for 20 years, so pleaseĀ treat them with care and respect. Here are a few tipsĀ to keep your kitchen in good condition:

  • Use a microfibre anti-scratch cloth when cleaning doors and drawers
  • Cooking splashes should be wiped up immediately using a damp cloth
  • Donā€™t put kettles, toasters and steamers directly under wall units as exposure to steam can cause the cabinets and doors to swell
  • Always use a chopping board, never cut directly onto a work surface
  • Place hot pans or casserole dishes on protective mats or trivets
  • Keep pans covered or open a window to allow natural ventilation and prevent condensation

Four steps to your new kitchen

This animation shows the four steps that our customers will go through when their kitchen is due for replacement.


Download our kitchen improvements factsheet to read this information in PDF format.

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