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Gas Servicing

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Keeping your gas appliances safe

"I had a gas engineer attend for the annual inspection, his name was Carl. He was very nice and helpful. I explained my gas bill had doubled, he took his time to explain how my boiler works and how it affects my bills, which should hopefully help reduce my bills."

Jean, SLH customer

Keeping your gas safety check appointment

We write to you before your gas safety check is due with an appointment date. Please contact us if that date is not convenient for you. We offer appointments weekdays between 8am and 8pm and on Saturdays up until 1pm.

If you don't provide us with access, we will cancel non essential repairs and maintenance to your home. We may also take legal action to gain entry into your home, you will be charged for the cost of this.

All smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms will be tested annually as part of the gas safety check.

Don't risk carbon monoxide poisoning

Every year in the UK around 30 people are killed and many others are affected by carbon monoxide poisoning from faulty gas installations such as fires and boilers in their homes so allowing us into your home to complete these checks could save your life.

Carbon monoxide is a particularly dangerous gas because you cannot smell it. Symptoms include headaches, dizziness, tiredness and nausea (feeling sick). Some of these symptoms can be mistaken for flu and other common viruses, or even food poisoning.

Keeping your appliances running efficiently

As well as gas safety checks being an important safety requirement, visiting you each year to check your applicances also makes sure that the appliances in your home run efficiently and effectively.

Please don’t put yourself, your family and neighbours at risk. Ensure you allow us access to your home to help keep you safe and warm and even save you money!

If you smell gas

If you smell gas, call the National Grid Gas Emergency Helpline immediately on 0800 111 999 and follow the information below:

Do not smoke or light matches

Do not turn electrical switches on or off

Open doors and windows

Turn off the meter at the control handle unless the meter is in the cellar

For more information on gas safety please visit the National Grid website. 


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