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Electrical Safety

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How we ensure electrical safety in your home and how you can help 

Our Commitments

We aim to ensure the safety of fixed electrical installations and portable appliances (where applicable) in properties we own and manage. Installations in dwellings owned and managed by us are to be installed, maintained and serviced to required standards and inspected at appropriate intervals to minimise the risk of electrocution, fire, damage to property, injury and/or death.

We are committed to ensuring our tenants’ and leaseholders’ homes remain safe and fit for purpose. In achieving this we will comply with all relevant legislation and regulations.

In particular, we are committed to achieving compliance with the 17th Edition of the Institution of Engineering and Technology Wiring Regulations (BS 7671:2008), which came into effect on 1st July 2008. All domestic wiring installations must now be designed, constructed, inspected, tested and certificated to meet the requirements of BS 7671:2008.

Only appropriately-skilled and competent persons will carry out electrical inspection and testing. A person shall be deemed skilled to carry out the appropriate inspection and testing only if they have sufficient qualification, knowledge and experience.

Periodic Inspections

To ensure the electrical installation in your home meets the UK national standard BS 7671 (Requirements for Electrical Installations) and is safe to use, SLH will carry out a periodic safety inspection of the electrical installation in your home. When this inspection is due we will write to you in good time to give you notice of the inspection. We then need to arrange an appointment with yourselves to carry out the inspection and complete this work. 

This safety inspection is a regulatory requirement and we cannot stress importantly enough that it must be carried out for your safety. The inspection generally takes a full working day to complete as any urgent remedial works required to make the electrical installation safe must also be completed during this time. We now offer appointments on Saturdays to make it easier for you to make this arrangement.

The purpose of periodic inspection and testing is to check compliance and provide for:

  1. safety of persons against the effects of electric shock and burns
  2. protection against damage to property by fire and heat arising from an installation defect
  3. confirmation that the installation is not damaged or deteriorated so as to impair safety
  4. the identification of installation defects and departures from the requirements of BS 7671 that may give rise to danger

Tips to stay safe in your home

1. Allow access to your home for SLH to complete the Electrical Safety Periodic Inspection

2. Report to us immediately any problems with electrics to your home without delay.

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