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Mediation Service

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Mediation service

We want to resolve disputes at the earliest opportunity and therefore we offer residents who are in dispute the opportunity to take part in mediation.   

Mediation is a way for two or more parties to resolve their dispute in a peaceful manner with the help of an independent trained mediator. The role of the mediators is to help the parties come to a voluntary agreement together. Mediators are not there to decide who is in the right, assign blame or to decide on how the dispute should be resolved. It is the parties that find the solution not the mediator. 

Mediation is not legally binding and does not form part of any ongoing investigation (e.g. for anti-social behaviour). The mediation service is impartial and confidential.

Types of mediation

There are two types of mediation; face-to-face and shuttle mediation:

  • Face-to face-mediation (or around the table): This is the most common type of mediation, both parties meet in a neutral venue usually around a table, with two co-ordinators present.
  • Shuttle mediation: The mediators speak separately with the two parties, they move between the two locations until an agreement can be reached.

The next step

Trained mediators will be assigned to your case and will contact you to arrange a visit to your home. This meeting will be for you to tell the mediators the issues that you would like to be resolved as part of the mediation process. The mediators will explain to you the mediation model. If face-to-face mediation is agreed a mutual meeting place will be arranged for the meeting to take place, somewhere that you will find comfortable and safe.

For more information email the Community Safety Team.

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