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The impact of tenant involvement

Every year, we get in touch with you to encourage you to share your views and help us to improve our services through our Everyone Together survey.

What is Everyone Together? 

In 2019 we launched our annual Everyone Together campaign, when all of our colleagues took to the streets to speak to tenants and ask a range of questions to understand any issues you were experiencing.  

The results of the 2019 survey highlighted your concerns around health and wellbeing, the local environment and community engagement. As a result of this we created a brand-new community investment team, which has been tasked to address the issues raised in the survey. The feedback that you provided allowed us to make decisions about how we invest in the communities of Speke and Garston. 

How the survey evolved in 2020 

We repeated the survey in October 2020, but due to coronavirus the survey looked a little different, so we spoke to you over the phone to drill into the issues raised in 2019 and shape the work of the community investment team over the coming year. 

We spoke to 2,293 of you overall, which equated to 61% of approximately 3,800 tenants. The questions explored the issues raised in the 2019 survey, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on health and wellbeing and promoted SLH’s services and volunteering opportunities. 

Actions for 2021 

Over the course of 2021, there are two main actions that we aim to complete, as a result of the last survey. This includes the expansion of our health and wellbeing support services and providing you with volunteering opportunities and ways to get involved with SLH across Speke and Garston.  

  • Health and wellbeing 

Our community investment team have begun to explore and expand the personal support services that offer to tackle mental health, physical health and isolation. All tenants who expressed health or wellbeing concerns have been contacted by our Community Health and Wellbeing Officer who has referred tenants to local support services including Transform Lives Company and our weekly coffee and chat group. 

  • Volunteering  

Over 300 people showed interest in getting involved in things like becoming a community champion to represent their neighbourhood, getting involved in local community groups or forums, volunteering at Grow Speke, engaging in health and wellbeing activities, volunteering at The Market Place and getting involved in one-off seasonal events.  

We want you to get involved as much as possible. Everyone who expressed an interest has been contacted by our community investment team and provided their email address to receive regular updates on ways to volunteer. 

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