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Our customers

Great homes. Strong communities. Bright futures.

It's our vision statement and, together with our customers, we're determined to deliver it.

Underpinning our vision is our People strategy, which seeks to support "engaged and included residents who can access a range of services to support their health, wellbeing and economic aspirations."

Meet a few people who are living and breathing these aims in our communities.

'People help the people' is Dave's life motto

Meet Dave from Speke, who tells his story from childhood on the streets of London to a new-build bungalow in our Hale Road Cottages development.

It's a real full-circle story that teaches us all the true meaning of home and community.

There's no place like home for green-fingered Gabriele

Gabriele is an SLH resident who, since choosing south Liverpool as her home, has become an active member of the community, volunteering regularly at Grow Speke, our community garden, and signing in the local choir. She lives in Speke with her husband and her daughter.

Gardening for health and wellbeing - Rob's story

Gardens and gardening can make us feel happier - that's a fact. The best part is that anyone, no matter where you are, can experience the joy of gardening.  

Rob, from Speke, has been a volunteer at Grow Speke for four years now and champions the community garden for enabling him to get outdoors, enjoy the seasons and understand more about nature.  

SLH customer George with his carbon literacy certificate

Eco-minded George is living his carbon-zero best life

George is from Garston and is one of our most engaged customers, taking part in a number of our community investment activities. Most recently he took part in the carbon literacy course to help him live a greener life.

“I enjoyed the session and got quite a lot from it," said George.

"How small changes could make a whole lot of difference to the world that we live in”.

George also made some climate pledges, including reducing his carbon footprint by choosing to take public transport rather than taxis/cars, and improve his recycling at home, particularly plastic food packaging.

The Market Place volunteer Diane

Volunteer Diane is helping her neighbours one basket at a time

Diane lives in Speke and volunteers at both The Market Place and The Market Place Social.

Her relationship with SLH began through attending our wellbeing activities but is wasn't long before she got involved and started to help other people.

"As my confidence started to grow, I felt more comfortable speaking to people," said Diane. "I wanted people to get as much out of the sessions as I did so I decided to volunteer my time at the workshops.

"One day, The Market Place was low on volunteers so I agreed to help. I really enjoyed chatting to the customers so I decided to become a regular volunteer, it really helps keep my mind active."

The rest as they say, is history. "My confidence has grown and I feel like a new person," added Diane. "I can take on new things outside of volunteering, which I would have let pass me by previously."

SLH customer and Grow Speke volunteer Andy

Independent living customer Andy is digging deep for his community

Andy volunteers his time as a volunteer gardener at Grow Speke. He lives at Servite Court, one of SLH’s independent living schemes.

After a lifelong career in parks and gardens, Andy wanted to use his skills and experience in the community, while keeping active and maintaining a regular routine.

"One of the main reasons that I volunteer is for my health. I have arthritis in my hands and have struggled with everyday tasks in the past. However, being out and about in the garden doing low-impact activity helps," Andy said.

Andy now has a range of different roles and responsibilities as a garden volunteer at Grow Speke, ensuring that all raised beds and pathways are kept tidy and weeded, and helping out with harvesting and planting. He's recently completed his City & Guilds Level 1 diploma in Practical Horticulture Skills at the garden.

Andy's advice? "Just pop down! You might be surprised and find something you really enjoy."

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