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Could you be our next SLH board member?

Be part of a younger, more relevant and more diverse SLH board.

Chances are you’ve never thought of joining the SLH board. Maybe you think it’s time-consuming, intimidating, irrelevant or plain boring? We’re looking for more tenants, more young people and more diversity to inject vitality into our board and help us make decisions that continue to be relevant to our communities.

We need tenants to get on board

Our board brings together expertise from wide range of backgrounds including finance, governance and regulation. But, without the voice of the tenant being heard at the highest level, how can we hope to make decisions that take account of our customers? 

We need young people on board

We need young people to get on board and help us shape our organisation with future generations in mind. Whether it’s how we communicate with our tenants or what services we provide, the perspective of our younger tenants is vital. The average age of our current board is 57 so let’s help change that!

Help us create a more diverse board

We want our board to reflect the diversity that exists in our communities. We need board members with different perspectives and lived experiences to generate robust discussions and make decisions that take everyone’s needs into account. 

Top three board myths busted

Board is time-consuming, intimidating or just plain irrelevant, right? Wrong! We spoke to three of our board members to find out what they thought about three common misconceptions about board membership.

Our board is a warm and welcoming place where we discuss subjects that impact directly on tenants’ lives and all of our board members are reimbursed for the time they give.


We spoke to three of our board members to find out a little bit more about them, why they joined the board and what you might expect as a board member.

Ready to Get on Board? Register your interest

Email getonboard@southliverpoolhomes.co.uk or complete the form below and we will get back to you with more information or to arrange an informal chat.

Other ways to get involved with SLH 

If you’d like to get involved with SLH but board membership is a little full-on, we hear you. However, there are lots of ways to get involved with SLH and your community, from informal events to scrutiny panel. One day, you never know, a seat on the board could be yours.

More ways to get involved with SLH 

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