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Corporate Plan 2022-2027

We’ve launched our new five-year corporate plan 2022-2027 which has been developed with our residents, stakeholders, colleagues and Board over the past 12 months.

The plan is centered around our new vision: 

Great homes | Strong communities | Bright futures

This vision supports our mission to provide homes and services to those in need. It goes without saying that we are committed to delivering everything we have outlined in this plan, and we will maximise investment opportunities to be able to achieve this. 

Our objectives

The plan is underpinned by four key themes:

Our objectives | People


Engaged and included residents who can access a range of services to support their health, wellbeing and economic aspirations. Colleagues who are engaged and empowered to deliver SLH’s objectives.

Our objectives | Place


Building homes to meet current and future needs whilst investing in existing homes. Building strong communities – places where people choose to live and stay. A good quality home will be the foundation to tackling social inequality.

Our objectives | Planet


Preparing our business, our homes, and our communities to meet net-zero carbon targets; going a step further by providing cleaner, greener neighbourhoods and helping our customers navigate the energy challenges they face.

Our objectives | Pound


Creating a sound financial platform to deliver our vision, maximising investment opportunities and working together with others to deliver more. 

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Download the Corporate Plan 2022-2027 to find out more.

Download the Corporate Plan 2022-2027


New plan, new logo

You may notice we have a new logo too. We felt the time was right to have a fresh look as we launched our new vision for South Liverpool. We are about much more than homes and we felt that the old logo wasn’t doing the job we wanted it to do anymore.

Don’t worry, we won’t bore you with all the design thinking behind the new logo—we just wanted to let you know so that you won’t be surprised when you see it appearing across our digital platforms or on any correspondence from us. 

However, the change won’t happen overnight, we will change the logo when stock of our letterhead paper runs out, or when new signage needs replacing. This will ensure there are minimum costs when we implement it. 

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