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Our latest performance information highlights how we have performed over the last month about matters that are of most concern to our tenants. The quality of our services are measured against targets that have been set and approved by the Board. If we do not meet our targets we seek to find out why they have not been met and how we can meet them in the future.


How are we performing?

We asked our Tenant Scrutiny Panel members to review the performance information we report to you. After reviewing, the panel decided to report on these five performance measures, which they felt were the most important to tenants.

Overall satisfaction with repairs service

  • Target: 93%¬†
  • Performance: 81%

When a tenant has a day-to-day repair completed by us, we send a text message survey to a selection of randomly selected tenants to find out whether they were happy with the service they received.

Homes with annual gas safety check (LGSR) completed

  • Target: 100%
  • Performance: 100%

LGSRs are the certificates which show a home has had a valid gas safety check. SLH must by law service the gas appliances in all our homes every year. You must allow us into your home each year to carry out a gas check.

Satisfaction with anti-social behaviour case handling

  • Target: 92%
  • Performance:¬†100%

When a customer reports an incident of ASB to us, we investigate and look to resolve the problem. When the case is closed, we check to make sure they are happy with how we handled the case.

Repair appointments kept

  • Target:¬†99.9%
  • Performance:¬†n/a%*

When a repair appointment is made with a tenant, we expect our contractors to attend within the agreed timescale.

*We have experienced a reporting error this month which we will endeavour to rectify next month.

Total arrears

  • Target:¬†5.49%*
  • Performance:¬†4.87%

This measures all of the money owing to SLH, including current and former tenant arrears, gas charges, chargeable repairs and court costs.

*Please note this is a seasonal target and it changes each month. Using a seasonal target helps us to measure performance more accurately on a monthly basis. It also helps us to know where we need to be each month in order for us to achieve the overall annual target at year end.

How do we compare with other landlords?

You can also compare how SLH is performing against other landlords in the area and by the services offered at the Regulator of Social Housing website.

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