Walkabout Wednesday

On the first Wednesday of every month, everyone at South Liverpool Homes leave the office to lead a monthly walkabout in our neighbourhoods. 

These walkabouts are a great way of finding out what is going on in the area, seeking ways to improve it and spotting problems before they arise. They also provides tenants and residents with the opportunity to let us know about anything we could do to make our neighbourhoods safer and more attractive.

Each month the walkabouts concentrate on a different topic; looking at issues such as fly tipping, vandalism, overgrown gardens and abandoned vehicles. We also occasionally use them as an opportunity to consult with tenants face-to-face on range of a topics, such as a new initiative we are launching or views on one of our current services.

We would love tenants to join us on our walkabouts. They start at 2pm from our office in Parklands, Speke. You could meet us there or we could meet you near your home.

Just get in touch if this is something you are interested in getting involved in.