Benefits advice


South Liverpool Homes' Benefits Advice Service was created after a survey revealed that tenants would like more help with benefits and welfare advice.

Debbie O’Hare, Welfare & Benefits Advice Manager, said, “There’s lots of confusion and concern around the changes to the welfare system and we want to make sure that our tenants understand what these changes are, how they affect them as well as helping them to apply for benefits that they might not realise they are entitled to.”

The aim of the service is to help tenants make the most of their money, enabling them to pay rent, household bills and live comfortably. The service will help tenants:

  • Understand changes to benefits system
  • Ensure tenants are receiving all the benefits they are entitled to by carrying out a benefits check
  • Challenge unfair sanctions
  • Review benefit decisions that tenants are not happy with
  • Apply for grant applications in cases of severe hardship

How to get advice

If you have any concerns about your benefits, call our friendly and helpful team on 0330 303 3000 to make an appointment. Alternatively, speak to your Neighbourhood Management Officer and they can arrange an appointment for you.

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