John found support, confidence and employment at Reach

Published: 30 May 2017

"I didn't think I'd get another job to be honest because my confidence was that bad."

That’s what 61-year-old South Liverpool resident John Meredith thought after being out of work since October 2016. John had been employed locally for much of his life before a prolonged period of caring first for his mother then his father took its toll on his confidence and employment prospects.

"I had to leave because my mum became ill with dementia. I ended up being my mum's full-time carer," said John. "My confidence went through the floor."

But thanks to specialist employability coaching from Dot Bonner, Liverpool City Council Ways to Work employability advisor, John is now back in work and his confidence is on a high. John found work at Allerton Golf Course’s Old Stables, working as a general cleaner.  

"John had all the right attributes that employers are looking for," said Dot, who helped John update and tailor his CV and write a compelling covering letter.

“Older people just feel like they've been forgotten about,” continued Dot. “If you've got that attitude - that you want to work - I don't think age is a barrier unless you make it a barrier."

The change is John couldn’t be more apparent. "I arrive at work at about ten to seven and I start work straight away,” he said. "The confidence it's given me now - it's through the roof."

Come to our 40+ jobs fair 

If you identify with John’s story and are looking to get back into work, don’t let age be a barrier. Come to our jobs fair on Wednesday 7 June at the Crowne Plaza, Speke. We’re bring together local employers who are actively seeking employees aged 40+. To book a place at the jobs fair, please speak to your employment advisor at the Job Centre.

Dot Bonner runs one-to-one employability sessions at Reach in Parklands library every Tuesday. For more information call Reach on 0330 303 3000 or email