About us

South Liverpool Homes (SLH) is a community benefit society registered with and regulated by the Regulator for Social Housing.  

The RSH is a government agency that regulates all housing providers in England and new affordable housing. The RSH’s aim is to work with landlords and tenants to ensure tenants are receiving the best possible service.

The primary activity of SLH is housing and property management. We currently manage around 3,700 homes.

Our mission is to make South Liverpool the place to be. To achieve this we are helping to transform South Liverpool through major investment, pioneering partnerships and by placing the community at the heart of everything we do.

To help us achieve our mission we have created a set of corporate aims called our Everys. We have created these by understanding what our customers, stakeholders and colleagues need. They are the focus of all our activity:

  1. Every customer happy
  2. Every place perfect
  3. Every opportunity taken
  4. Every penny counts
  5. Every person positive

SLH is about more than just bricks and mortar. We are creating places people want to live by tackling anti-social behaviour, building skills and opportunities and finding innovative ways of involving people in their local community.